Truth in clustering data

My current work has been making me ask some awkward questions. Is there ever any objectively true metric or method for clustering data? When subjective choices are made of methods and metrics will the results always be subjective? Such questions may be arbitrary in the face of the bizarre term ‘truth’ anyway.

Its probably just the case that I am bored…

Abandoned blog

So my time and effort for this site fell by the wayside pretty quickly. Progress in science is slow. Maybe this site should be about swiftness? I’m going to reconsider the point of these pages. Hopefully something will rise from beneath.

Threats from The Burzynski Clinic: This quack cure for cancer needs to end.

A “Doctor” named Stanislaw Burzynski has been pushing a mixture of miscellaneous peptides as a cure for all cancers for over thirty years and has yet to produce any clinical data showing their effectiveness or even mechanism of action. He is selling this potential damaging therapy through a clinical trial loophole that promises false hope to families looking for any guiding light in the face of an inherently complex disease. The disgusting practices of this clinic has been thrust into the spotlight recently by a seventeen year old student named Rhys Morgan who posted a sceptical article on his popular blog. A representative of the Burzynski clinic contacted Rhys threatening him with legal action should he not remove the post. Rhys did not comply but instead challenged the baseless legal threats and posted another article revealing the depths they have gone to to suppress the truth about Burzynski’s snake oil therapy.

The sooner everybody finds out about this the better. Please post about this everywhere you can find a voice.

Cold Steel Pocket Bushman Review


This year I managed to attend the CLA game fair at Bleinheim palace and was pleasantly surprised at the atmosphere. Being somewhat used to music festivals where crowds of youths can be found simultaneously urinating and littering used fast food packaging, the civility was refreshing! The diversity of stalls and demonstrations was fantastic and I had a truly amazing day. One highlight was gunmaker’s row that showcased all the major firearm manufacturers and shops. For those with a firearms certificate the show enabled them to test and compare more models than could ever be possible at the local gunshop.

It was such a lovely day that I decided I wanted to retain a memory in form of a new purchase. Continue reading

4Sevens Quark 123 Tactical Review

I have a tendency to research potential purchases for days before committing on a product. One such purchase was to be my preferred EDC carry flashlight. My requirements were simple. It had to be small and light enough to make me want to carry it everywhere but powerful enough to use for self-defence or emergency signalling purposes. Reliability is another essential characteristic for any EDC item. The final requirement was cost. The small size of these tools makes them easy to loose and I would be hesitant to carry around a £200 titanium ubertorch. This brings me to another critical point. A flashlight is only useful if you are carrying it and as such the size requirement is perhaps the most critical.  Continue reading