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This site has been started to as somewhat of an experiment. Like many people the internet is a source of intense fascination to me. The wealth of useful information that is at our fingertips is a phenomenon unknown before our time. My favourite websites (which I will link to in time) have motivated me to contribute with original content in an attempt to give back to the emergent life form that is the net.

The name of the site is a reference to the Norse legend of Huginn and Muninn. In this story the god Odin each day sets in flight two ravens named thought (Huginn) and memory (Muninn) to fly over the world of men. The birds return to Odin carrying with them news of the day’sĀ events. Odin was said to proclaim that he fears that one day thought (Huginn) may one day fall from the sky and perish, however his fear that memory (Muninn) will fall is greater. This allegory is similar to Sir Isaac Newton’s quote “If I have seen further it is only by standing on the shoulders of giants.” and the infamous quote “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it” from George Santayana. The lesson this teaches me as a human and a scientist is that we are inherently fragile creatures and after our short time on this planet only two things will survive to live on, a proportion of our genetic variation and the information that we contribute towards the human race. Through the internet we gain a degree of immortality however small it may be…

On that note what sort of site will this be? Hopefully nothing as serious as that last paragraph but perhaps with the same intentions. Initially I hope to write reviews of equipment or gear that I find useful. In order to exercise my scientific brain, I intend to write some “Lay Summary” type articles on scientific subjects I find interesting. If you are expecting a well defined mission statement you are looking in the wrong place.



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