4Sevens Quark 123 Tactical Review

I have a tendency to research potential purchases for days before committing on a product. One such purchase was to be my preferred EDC carry flashlight. My requirements were simple. It had to be small and light enough to make me want to carry it everywhere but powerful enough to use for self-defence or emergency signalling purposes. Reliability is another essential characteristic for any EDC item. The final requirement was cost. The small size of these tools makes them easy to loose and I would be hesitant to carry around a £200 titanium ubertorch. This brings me to another critical point. A flashlight is only useful if you are carrying it and as such the size requirement is perhaps the most critical.  Continue reading

Maxpedition Fatboy Versipack Review



The British summer is pretty consistent in that you can never predict the weather. You leave the house in a T shirt bathed in sunlight only for the clouds to roll in two hours later and have the wind howling up the paper thin leg holes of your perhaps optimistic cargo shorts.

Its at times like this that I start to think that women are on to something. In situations like this my girlfriend will pull out an umbrella and some kind of shawl out of a handbag that must rival the TARDIS for space. The usual male equivalent for me is a backpack. The problem with this is that it is too large. I don’t want to carry a hoofing great backpack when all I need to carry is a small jumper and some small EDC type items. The realisation gradually hit me that I need a man-bag. Continue reading